1989 Batman: Modular Utility Grapnel

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Prop Replica by Paragon FX Group

"Where does he get those wonderful toys, indeed?"

Sideshow, Paragon FX Group, and Warner Bros. are proud to announce what is arguably one of Batman's greatest gadgets, the modular utility grapnel. This multi-purpose, hand-held unit allowed Batman to store numerous items on his utility belt yet deploy them all from a single device.

Paragon's team spent 12 months in design and development alone on this set. Tyler Ham (Paragon's Creative Director) explains:

"We knew from the beginning that this would be one of our largest and most ambitious projects. The goal was to engineer a full-size replica that literally looks and feels like a real piece of Batman's tech. We wanted everything to be cold to the touch and have a real-world heft and feel. This meant nothing less than CNC machined aluminum would do, so we started there. Our original prototype truly did take about a year to get worked out. We wanted everything to behave like we envisioned the original, inasmuch as allowing for multiple attachments to be placed on the hand unit. More subtle touches include the spring-loaded actuation button, flip-out handle, and aircraft cable wrapped around the spool of the primary hand unit. We finished everything off with an amazing, anodized finish and then tucked everything away in an appropriately themed equipment case. The end result here is a stunning, museum-quality replica set that is sure to be the highlight of any collection."

The 1989 Batman: Modular Utility Grapnel Prop Replica features:

  • Machined aluminum (anodized black) hand unit
  • Machined aluminum (anodized black) Grapnel utility attachment
  • Machined Brass and aluminum utility dart/grapnel hook
  • Machined aluminum (anodized black and polished aluminum) Bolo attachment w/ fixed aircraft cable.
  • Custom equipment case with laser cut insert
  • Certificate of Authenticity

NOTE: Metal Bolos and Brass Grapnel are interchangeable with the hand unit but are otherwise static. They CANNOT be launched, repelled on, or deployed in any way. They do; however, do one thing particularly well. They'll look amazing in your collection!-Team Paragon.