Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees Cosplay Halloween Mask

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So you got mocked and bullied by some real jerk kids from Camp Crystal Lake who drove you to an early teen death! Talk about a bummer summer for you, buddy! We totally get wanting to rise from the grave to take revenge on those bullies, but we gotta tell ya…we can’t really get behind the whole machete deal. Some creepy pranks, sure; trying to give them a heart attack by standing by their bunks in the middle of the night, heck yes! But as you’ve obviously experienced, going away to summer camp can be hard enough without some crazed killer on the loose, trying to hack everyone to pieces!

But then again, we don’t know your (un)life, and so we’re not here to judge! After all, you’ve already gotten a raw deal with the whole death thing, and now you feel self-conscious about your looks, so we’ll be the first to give you a break, okay? Let’s start with this Jason Voorhees Hockey Mask! It’s got all the coverage you need to show your face to your future victims with pride, and it’s even made of white polyfoam, keeping you comfortable on those long nights of horrific stalkings and stabbings! Now get out there, buddy, and show everyone (you want to murder) your new look!