TMNT Splinter Overhead Mask

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When you see a rat on the street, what do you see? Do you see vermin that needs to be exterminated or a wise master that is simply trying to feed his four mutant turtle children? Well, if you do see a Kung Foo master in every rat then you might want to cut back on watching tons of TMNT. All you need to do is cut back, we'd never ask you to stop cold pizza.  

Master Splinter is a great guy to look up to anyway. Just think about it. First, he's a parent to four hormonal turtles. Secondly, he's constantly teaching those turtles to point that turtle aggression to some serious fighting skills. Splinter might live in a sewer but he lives with more class than we could ever hope for, we certainly couldn't hold lotus position for as long as he can. The trick to a great Master Splinter costume is a great mask. This mask covers your full head with holes for your eyes. It's detailed with layers of molded fur and plenty of details on the ears and face. Pair it with a robe for a Zenlike sewer look. If you don't already feel for rats, you will soon.

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100% latex
Full mask covers all sides of the head
Has holes for seeing and nostril holes