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This bright white gypsum casting stone is similar to plaster of Paris in both mixing proportions and in use, and makes an ideal cast making material. It may also be used as a shell mold medium. Due to its unique properties, CastRite is even easier to work with than most casting plaster. When combined and properly mixed with water, it is far stronger than plaster of Paris and provides greater detail. Its porosity assures excellent slip castings and it is the mold material of choice when using ArtMolds 407 Latex. Mix CastRite with colored pigments or water-based paints for added artistic effects. When making large casts, layer with ½" applications of CastRite by reinforcing the second and third layers with hemp fibers, fiberglass, or wire mesh. When dry, molds and casts accept paints and other typical finishes well and may be sanded by hand or with power tools. Set time: 2 hours.