ArtMolds Liquid Sodium Silicate

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ArtMolds Liquid Sodium Silicate is a multi-purpose product with a variety of applications. A foundry-grade and ceramic-grade product, it can be used:

  • As a deflocculant to prevent shrinkage of greenware
  • As a surface application, to create an instant antique look
  • To solidify and create an instant solid sand mold for metal castings
  • As a sealer for plaster and concrete surfaces
  • As a treatment for wood to make it water-resistant and insect-free
  • As an extraordinarily high-temperature adhesive and bonding agent when applied as a thin layer between surfaces to be bonded

Note — Use care when handling liquid sodium silicate, as it has a high alkaline level (11.3 pH). Use gloves and eye protection when handling to prevent the possibility of burns.