Artool Body-Art Hand Painted Colors - realistic tattoo's

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Achieve the professional, highly realistic "tattoo" look that has been used in Hollywood for more than 15 years, with Temporary Body-Art Airbrush Ink, Paint On Body-Art Colors, Adhesive Body-Art Stencils, and accessories. It's simple to get started. Simply choose a tattoo design and color scheme, apply the tattoo to the skin with an alcohol pad, hand paint or airbrush on the colors, dust with setting powder, and you’re done! These waterproof colors are ideal for hand-painting realistic-looking temporary tattoos. They're fun, safe, non-toxic, and they last for days. Only the attitude is permanent!

Art Hand Painted Colors -Master Tine Set, Set of 6 Colors, 1/2 drams - This set includes six ½ dram Body-Art Hand Painted Colors (enough for 40–50 temporary tattoos), a brush, alcohol pads, setting powder, and two outline transfer sheets.

Color Chart Note - Color charts represent approximations of the real color. Due to the many variations in monitors and browsers, colors may appear slightly different on different computer screens.