Avatar: Neytiri (Deluxe Version)

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Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys


“Sky People cannot learn, they do not see.” - Neytiri 

Neytiri is an expert warrior, strong healer and now fulfills a new role as mother. As it becomes clear to Neytiri and Jake Sully that the RDA have returned, she will do what she must to protect her clan, her home, and her family.

Following the debut of Jake Sully Sixth Scale Figure, we are introducing a Deluxe Version of the Neytiri Sixth Scale Figure with masterfully crafted LED light-up diorama base (available with deluxe version only) inspired by the beautiful marine habitat of Pandora. 

The greatly-detailed Neytiri collectible stands about 44cm tall and is skillfully crafted based on the appearance of Neytiri in Avatar: The Way of Water. This Avatar collectible features a newly developed head sculpt with highly-detailed hair sculpture and fabric hair implantation, sculpted headpiece with feathers, delicate paint works capturing facial and body patterns with luminous reflective effects, carefully designed outfit with armbands, gauntlets all sculpted, iconic weapons and accessories such as dagger, arrow and bow. 

In addition, the deluxe version includes a remarkable diorama base translating elements of Underwater World and colorful reefs with LED-light up function powered by USB, bringing the full display effect to a distinct level.

Reserve space for this amazing Neytiri figure in your fantasy and sci-fi collectibles displays!