Stranger Things Eleven Christmas Ornament By Funko

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Are you ready for Eleven to liven up your holidays? You might have always thought about Netflix's Stranger Things being Halloween fare, but now we've got a good reason to revisit the show during the holiday season. Because we've got the Funko Ornaments Stranger Things set! Start your decorating out right with one of everyone's favorite characters Eleven. This ornament will definitely add some cool factor to your tree, and it might even add some supernatural ambiance!


This Stranger Things Eleven Ornament is another epic creation straight from the Funko studios. It stands about 3 1/4" tall and features Eleven in her classic season 1 attire, complete with a dress, gym socks, and a jacket. She's even featured in her power pose with a bloody nose! It also has a hanging loop attached to fit perfectly on any Christmas tree.


Part of the Stranger Things Funko Ornaments series, we're proud to offer this collection, each piece sold separately. The set includes all your favorite characters, Dustin, Will, Lucas, Mike, Stever, Hopper, and even the Demogorgon! When you get these ornaments you'll be able to decorate your tree with a unique pop culture spin and have some treasured collectibles for years to come. Be sure to browse our other licensed ornaments for even more pop culture themes!