Stranger Things Mike Wheeler Christmas Ornament By Funko

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Alright, it's time to ask a pretty semi-serious question. Who's ready for a Stranger Christmas? We are! We are! That's why we're proud to have brand new Funko Ornaments in our catalog, and one of the first set are the characters from Netflix's Stranger Things. Start your Christmas decorating with this Mike Wheeler figure, and you'll be well on your way to have a very Strange Christmas yourself!


This Funko Ornaments Stranger Things Mike is another epic creation straight from the Funko studios. It stands about 3 1/2" tall and depicts character Mike Wheeler geared up with a backpack and walkie-talkie. It has a hanging loop to fit perfectly on any Christmas tree.


Part of the Stranger Things ornaments series, we're proud to offer this collection, each piece sold separately. The set includes all your favorite characters, Dustin, Will, Lucas, Eleven, Stever, Hopper, and even the Demogorgon! Put a unique pop culture spin on your Christmas decor with this ornament set, and be sure to browse our huge selection of ornaments for even more popular themes!