Futurama Dr. Zoidberg Costume

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Quick! Who is the most highly educated crew member of the Planet Express? Well ok, excluding Professor Farnsworth. Ok, also forget about Hermes, Amy Wong, Nibbler, and probably Leela, let’s take out Fry and Bender for good measure...and yeah, you got it! It’s Dr. Zoidberg! The “M”D of the Planet Express and member of the species that drove anchovies to extinction.

Now you, too, can click your claws and “Woop! Woop! Woop!” your way out of awkward situations just like a true native of Decapod 10. With this Futurama Dr. Zoidberg Costume, you can endear yourself to everyone in the room with sharp quips, non sequiturs, and completely unrelated humor in the same fashion as the real Doctor, who, as you may remember, got his degree after trying his hand and subsequently quitting comedy once. We’re..uhhhh...sure you’re probably funnier than he is. Just make sure to not make any false claims about your medical knowledge, Zoidberg’s degree is in art history. Also remember, when wearing this costume you must also have an irrational dislike of robots, specifically Bender, and Hermes is your best friend, no matter how he actually treats you.

It may all sound like a lot to keep in mind, but we’re pretty sure it’ll all come natural once you throw on the iconic white coat, and clickity-clackity claws that surely don’t make surgery any easier to perform (not that you should be trying it at all). Enjoy this officially licensed outfit, complete with elastic waist pants, foam mitt and shoe covers, and full molded latex mask. Just don’t try to live out of a dumpster out back, it might work for Zoidberg, but you can do better than that.