Gremlins 2 Stunt Puppet Flasher Gremlin by NECA

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Product Description

How Rude!

Gremlins aren't exactly known for their socially acceptable behavior. After all, in the first film of the Gremlins franchise, they launched poor Mrs. Deagle halfway through the neighborhood on her stair-lift. In Gremlins 2, let's just say that their behavior didn't improve. The Flasher Gremlin is proof of their nasty ways. And as rude as this little dude is... we kind of want him to hang out in our home. Do you feel the same?

Fun Details

Based on the crude character from the film, this Gremlins 2 Stunt Puppet Flasher Gremlin is an authentic, life-sized replica of the character. It measures a full 28.5 inches talls, which is true to size from the movie. It's hand-painted to recreate the look from the movie and even comes with a pair of removable sunglasses and a fabric trench coat. It comes with a stand, so you can display him in your home with ease... even if he doesn't seem to understand the concept of modesty in the slightest! Some assembly is required.

Not Suitable for Mrs. Deagle Types

If you're a true Gremlins fan, then you NEED this replica in your home. Just don't let grandma (or Mrs. Deagle) catch site of this vulgar little green guy hanging out.