Halloween 1978 Michael Myers

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Halloween 1978 Michael Myers Blood Variant 12" Collectible Action Figure

The Bloody Figure

Whoa. Mike, we need to talk. We're all about the murderous mayhem that goes on in the Halloween films, all thanks to you and your trusty chef's knife, but we think you need a lesson in proper personal care. You need to make a trip to the laundromat. Those coveralls of yours? They're covered in the blood of your victims. You might also want to take a bath, pal. Hey, why are you looking at us like that? Wait a second... what's that in your hand? No, Mike! We thought you were just an action figure! We were just trying to give you some friendly advice. Noooooooo!!!

Fun Details

We have to say, we're excited about this bloody Michael Myers figure! The Halloween 1978 Michael Myers Blood Variant Figure is a collectible action figure that comes straight from the folks at Trick or Treat Studios. They're dedicated to making high-quality collectibles inspired by one the greatest horror movies of all time and they've taken extreme care to craft an action figure worthy of horror's most infamous villain. The figure has 30 points of articulation to allow for a near limitless amount of different movie-inspired poses.

The figure stands 12" tall and features shockingly intricate detailing from the top to the bottom. The coveralls have movie-quality looks and even have a working zipper in the front. He comes with interchangeable hands and a small knife accessory. This unique chase variant has plenty of bloody detailing, which is enough to sate any fan's desire for horror movie carnage. (Note: despite how realistic it looks, this figure will not actually come alive and attack you if you try to give him friendly life advice.)

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Some characters are born for greatness! Michael Myers was in the category as soon as he slipped into that mask on Halloween night. Proudly display this figure and let him inspire you to take pride in your horror fandom!