Kids Tatooine Jawa Costume

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Items Included
  • Robe
  • Hood
  • Shoulder Straps
  • Batteries
Product Highlights
  • 100% polyester
  • Full-length brown robe
  • Polyfoam shoulder straps with molded pockets
  • Brown hood with black mesh mask
  • Light up orange eyes
  • Product Description
    Among the more enigmatic races in the Star Wars universe, Jawas love nothing more than scanning the deserts of their native Tatooine for wreckage from landspeeders, starships, podracers, and droids in their unceasing search for scrap. They do so in the comfort of their sandcrawlers, lumbering cargo trucks that protect them from sandstorms and marauding Tusken raiders. Although industrious scrappers, the Jawas aren’t above a little swindling, so other Tatooine residents are cautious about buying the hastily lashed-together equipment which the Jawas come knocking with. We don’t blame the Jawas for trying to make a quick buck, though. It’s not easy out there in the desert when you’re only three feet tall!

    Now, in our considerable experience, most kids are remarkably unlike Jawas (except for the similarity in height). Whereas Jawas love picking up debris, kids quite oppositely are known to scatter the stuff everywhere they go. While Jawas are expert bargainers and even have their own language just for doing deals in, kids are demanding and usually make awful deals. And while Jawas are industrious and hard-working, you’ll rarely see a kid laboring over a partially deconstructed robot.

    All those dissimilarities are why your kid is going to need a pretty convincing costume if they want to dress up as a Jawa. Fortunately, we’ve got just the thing. Our officially licensed Kids Tatooine Jawa Costume comes with the Jawas’ robe, hood, and shoulder straps. This costume’s eyes light up just like those in A New Hope, so your kid will look shrewd and somewhat spooky in no time! Batteries included.