Kool-Aid Man 200 - Expansion Game Pop Universe

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Board games can be a little stressful, even though they are a ton of fun. All of that strategy can make you sweat a little and it's sometimes important to cool down and relax. If only we knew a guy who could help make that happen! 

Hold on. What's that sound? And what is crashing through that brick wall! Oh, yeah; it's the answer to your needs! 


Join in your favorite Funko board game with this Kool-Aid Man Expansion to the Pop! Funkoverse game. This officially licensed expansion includes the Kool-Aid Man mini Funko figure, complete with his token, card, and unique abilities. Expand your Funkoverse game by incorporating this unexpected character and bring a refreshing smile to everyone's face. (You know, until you knock out their character and edge your way to victory!) We do, of course, recommend sharing a fresh glass after you've claimed the win, though. Good sportsmanship and all that! 


Burst into a game of Funkoverse in a truly surprising way when you knock down the fourth wall with this Kool-Aid Man expansion! Whether you're introducing the wizards of Harry Potter to a delicious muggle drink or helping the Golden Girls enjoy a Miami afternoon, this is the character who'll guide you to victory!