Power Rangers Red Ranger Adult Muscle Costume

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The Red Ranger knows what’s up. If he’s going to be trading blows with the Putty Patrollers, then he’s going to be doing it in flashy style. He wants to look like a blazing flurry of red punches and kicks when he’s battling the forces of evil. He doesn’t want to wear some kind of bland suit, which is why he wears the vibrant color red (or that’s what we assume anyways). It also distinguishes him as a leader, because as we all know that leaders always wear red!

So, are you a flashy fellow? Do you want to defeat the forces of evil in a magnificent fashion? Do you have what it takes to lead a team of super-powered Power Rangers? Do you spend a lot of time daydreaming about what it would be like to pilot a giant red T-Rex Megazord? Well, then we have some good news for you. You can get your chance when you wear this officially licensed Power Rangers costume.


This adult Red Ranger costume brings you an authentic look from the Saban television series. It comes with a red suit designed to look like the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers suit. It has muscle padding in the chest and arms to create a muscular look. The belt has a T-Rex Morphin emblem in the front and the molded mask should help you put the finishing touch to your Power Rangers transformation. Of course, this costume doesn’t come with a Megazord, so you might have to find one of those somewhere else!

Jumpsuit w/ Attached Belt
2 Piece Helmet
100% polyester fabric & fiberfill; 100% polyurethane foam
Jumpsuit has hook & loop fastener strips at center back
Soft-sculpted fiberfill padding in chest and shoulders gives muscular look
Attached belt has molded plastic buckle
Two pieces of molded plastic helmet connect w/ hook & loop fastener
Officially Licensed