Sailor Moon Women's Costume

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Product Information

Items Included
  • Dress
  • Crown
  • Choker
  • Pair of Gloves
  • White fabric: poly/spandex blend; colored fabric: 100% polyester
  • Leotard has front zipper placket behind large fabric neckline bow
  • Leotard has crotch snaps
  • Bow is sewn to one side of placket, attaches to other side w/ hook & loop fastener
  • Skirt has built-in petticoat
  • Back bow attaches to top back of skirt w/ metal snaps
  • Choker is same fabric as bows, has hook & loop fastener at back
  • Above-elbow gloves have foam cuffs
  • Foam-backed faux leather tiara has faux gem at front, elastic band at back
  • Officially licensed, exclusive

moon prism power!

Sailor Moon is the defender of our galaxy against the evil powers of the Negaverse, the Dark Kingdom, and anyone who would dare be mean to kitties or suggest that growing girls shouldn't have that extra portion of cake.  She's also just a little bit awkward, occasionally jealous, a periodic crybaby, and, otherwise, the noblest soul that we could ever hope to find!  Now, if only we could all agree on what she says when she transforms into Sailor Moon! 

Between her various transformation devices, whether she has the Silver Crystal or not, and which language we're translating her adventures into, she says a number of different things.  The biggest argument is if she should say "Make-Up!" after her "Moon Power" phrase.  If you tend to call her civilian form Usagi, you probably think it is a critical component.  If you call her Serena, you might not even know of the full phrase!  

design & details

Whether you prefer the English dub, original Japanese, or the manga version of Sailor Moon, you'll no doubt have your moves and phrases perfected.  But, until you can truly activate the magical transformation, our own Earth-based team of Sailor Designers have this officially licensed Sailor Moon Costume ready for you!  This look is fully decked out with high-quality materials to help you outlast the forces of darkness.  From the white leotard, blue pleated skirt and sailor flap, and large front and back bows, you've got the Sailor look down pat!  The Moon Prism and Tiara complete the look and have you ready for all your adventures.

in the name of the moon...

You might not even need to warn the forces of evil that you're around to punish them when you show up in this exclusive Sailor Moon costume.  With the authentic look straight out of the manga and anime, your transformation is complete and our world is saved!