Power Rangers Adult Pink Ranger Suit Cosplay Costume

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The pink power ranger was one of the best. She's one of the originals! Kimberly Hart was chosen by Zordon, way back when Rita Repulsa attacked the Earth. This Power Ranger proved that she was tough stuff, and was pretty sassy while she did it! This, paired with her awesome pink suit, make her possibly our favorite Power Ranger. 

Being a Power Ranger would be the best. You'd have super powers like super strength or super speed, AND you'd have your own Zord, for when fight get's a little bit bigger in scale. But these aren't the only good things about being a Power Ranger. When you become a Power Ranger, you join a team that has your back till the very end. Imagine getting to hang out with your friends all day while fighting evil. That sounds like a dream job to us! 


This costume will transform you into a super strong, evil-fighting machine! Well, it might not make you super strong, we don't reall have that kind of tech yet. But it WILL make you super stylish, which is pretty great! This costume comes in the form of a pink jumpsuit that is modeled to look like the pink power rangers! It comes with a detachable belt buckle, white gloves, and sunglasses. We didn't include a helmet, but if you plan on fighting evil when you wear it, we would recommend one! All you'll need are a pair of heels and you will be ready to go. 

Detachable Buckle
90% polyester, 10% spandex
Sparkling pink jumpsuit w/ white diamond accents and foam pad at bust
Ankle straps at bottoms of legs
Foam lined belt w/ Hook and Loop fastener strip
Detachable Power Rangers glitter belt buckle
White gloves w/ pink and white cuffs
Oversized pink sunglasses w/ 400 UV protection