Smooth-On Plasti-Paste II Resin

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New and improved Plasti-Paste II is a harder, drier, and more paintable version of the original Plasti-Paste. Easy to handle and easy to control, Plasti-Paste II doesn't exude oil and it can be sanded, drilled, and painted with primer and/or acrylic paints when cured, making it suitable as a mother mold material or as a fabrication material. Used in the same way as the original Plasti-Paste, Plasti-Paste II has a mix ratio of 1A:2B by volume, with a working time of 10 minutes and a handling time of 90 minutes at room temperature (depending on mass). Plasti-Paste II is dimensionally stable, and heat-resistant up to 130°F/55°C (158°F/70°C after curing). It bonds to itself permanently, so more can be added at any time as long as the cured plastic surface is clean. Plasti-Paste II is odor-free and mercury-free.