TMNT (Cartoon) Giant Size Leonardo 1/4th Scale Action Figure

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Leader Of The Squad

If you were a fan of the classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cartoon show then we have just what you need! Finally, you can invite your favorite brother from this team of crime-fighting, sewer-dwelling heroes to your action figure collection. Grab the leader of the Turtle Squad when you get this TMNT (Cartoon) Giant Size Leonardo 1/4th Scale Action Figure.

Turtle Details

Leo is known for his blue mask as well as his blue knee, elbow, and wrist wraps. If blue was your favorite color growing up, there's a good chance Leo was your favorite Ninja Turtle. He was much more than just the 'blue turtle'. He was also famous for masterfully wielding his katanas. He had no problem slicing down the Shredder and all of his goons with his signature blades.

Strength In Numbers

While Leo would be more than enough to keep your home safe from The Foot, this turtle never acts alone. Be sure to be on the lookout for the rest of his brothers. Grab all four of the Ninja Turtles and you'll be able to rest easy at night. The Foot, Shredder, and even the alien Kraang will be sure to stay far away from your home as long as these heroes in a half-shell are around!