Thibra Fine Sculptable Plastic Thermoplastic

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Thibra is an innovative material used by professional artists, theater designers, hobbyists, and crafters for making costumes, masks, jewelry, décor, and more. It is particularly popular within the cosplay and theater communities for making double-curved, sphere-shaped, and extreme shapes. Thibra Fine is ideally used in combination with Thibra Tex, which is recommended as a base layer for large projects. Thibra Tex has a mesh reinforcement layer for making larger pieces, while Thibra Fine is smoother and better for creating details.

Available in a variety of sheet sizes, this affordable, high-quality material is easy to heat and shape using just a heat gun. Strong and tear-resistant, it can be pulled over molds and shapes when heated, or kneaded into any shape, comparable to clay. Even after curing, objects can be adjusted and corrected by reheating them — ideal for those who shape their objects or sculptures as they work.

Thibra's exceptionally smooth surface eliminates the need for priming, sanding, and filling. After curing, it can immediately be spray-painted, printed, or stamped. It can also be combined with other materials such as foam, felt, textiles, ribbons, leather, plaster, wood, and paper.