The Joker Cosplay Mask

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We often do our best to understand what is going on in the minds of the villains of Gotham City.  Given the fact that Batman’s antagonists are unquestionably among some of the most interesting baddies that have ever come out of the DC Universe, it makes sense that we’d want to understand just how they got to where they are!  Well, our first thought was to ask the elite Dr. Harleen Quinn to do some head shrinking on the green haired Joker, but… let’s just say that backfired!   

So, that leaves us with the more direct route of getting into his head.  Or, more specifically, making it possible for you to get into his head with this Vinyl Joker Mask.  Slip it right over your own noggin and you’ll begin the transformation in one zap of an electric hand buzzer thanks to the 3/4 mask and the wild green hair that can only come from the Joker.  We’re not sure that you’ll be able to tell us more about his real background, but either way you know that a night out as the Joker is sure to be a riot!