Wonder Woman Dawn of Justice Grand Heritage Women's Costume

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Items Included
  • Top
  • Skirt
  • Shorts
  • Bandolier Belt
  • Tiara
  • Armband
  • Pair of Gauntlets
  • Pair of Glovelets
  • Pair of Shin Guards
Product Highlights
  • Women's Grand Heritage Dawn of Justice Wonder Woman Costume
  • 100% polyester, accessories made from latex & vinyl w/ polyurethane foam for comfort
  • Corset-style top has attached clear straps for a secure fit and a zipper on the back
  • Corset features top-stitched details and polyurethane foam lining
  • Skirt has top-stitched details on the golden waistband and polyurethane lining on the belt
  • Skirt closes in the back with Hook and Loop fastener
  • Navy blue boyshorts are separate from the skirt and have an elastic waistband
  • Polyester shin guards have a polyurethane foam backing and a strap of elastic behind the knee
  • Bandolier belt is lined with foam and has Hook and Loop fastener to close
  • Gauntlets, armband and tiara accessories are latex with foam lining for comfort, and they close with Hook and Loop fastener
  • Vinyl glovelets are fingerless and slip over hands
  • Officially licensed
  • Gold details on chest, waist and shin guards are not hemmed
Product Description

If you want our opinion (and we know you’re just dying for it), the real crime in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice is that you didn’t get top billing.

Typical, eh? The boys get themselves into an awful mess, you come and save the day (or at least Batman’s life), and your name isn’t even in the film’s title. It’s a good thing you, Diana Prince, are above all of that. But shocking everyone with your skills, weaponry, and fearless ferocity is old hat to you, right? As is saving the world, time after time. It’s a good thing you have this gritty update to your classic armor to get you through the sepia tones and massive explosions so common in today’s Superhero movie cannon. This Wonder Woman Dawn of Justice Grand Heritage Women's Costume will outfit you for greatness, whether you’re set to clash with titans or help Batman and Superman play nice with their toys.

Thanks to this officially licensed and truly authentic costume, you’re ready to take on any monster (or metahuman) in style. It comes complete with a corset top (with clear straps for a secure fit), a slightly tattered skirt, and even a pair of blue boy shorts, so you can kick butt with the best of them without revealing your unmentionables. Shin guards, gauntlets, tiara, and glovettes complete your look, which is nothing short of breathtaking (and world saving). Now, if you could only get your hands on one of those magical Amazonian shields, and the number of a few Hollywood execs--to put them in their places.