Worbla's Crystal Art Thermoplastic

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Worbla's Crystal Art is a moldable, sculptable translucent plastic that can be used to make gems, water effects, ice crystals, and more. Crystal Art offers an alternative for those who can’t resin cast due to time, space, or health concerns. It also can be used to create incredibly flexible pieces — ice crystals that bend with a bodysuit or claws that flex but never break no matter how many steps you take.

Crystal Art can be rolled into thin strips, sculpted into simple shapes, or pressed into molds and blended with other Worbla products. It's similar to Worbla’s Deco Art in that it comes in pellet form. Heat the pellets with a heat gun or other heat source to 230°F. Once activated, the pellets can be blended into a translucent, workable material that can be painted and tinted with markers, alcohol inks, resin dyes, and polyester dyes.

Unlike Worbla Deco Art, Worbla Crystal Art remains translucent once cool, and thinner pieces are flexible.